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To volunteer to facilitate a workshop, please fill out this google form

Workshops are lead by COMEGA attendees...

Our workshops allow you to explore and grow in a volunteer facilitated group which last around 1 and half to 2 hours or more. Each workshop is unique and is held in different parts of the campgrounds. Make sure to sign up as there may be limited space. Workshops are also completely optional so you can use that time to explore, recoup, or connect.

Workshop Time Slots:

- Friday evening (1.5hrs)
- Saturday morning (1.5hrs)
- Saturday afternoon: 1st block (1.5hrs) 2nd block (1.5hrs)*
- Sunday morning (1.5hrs)

*You may choose to offer a workshop that takes up both afternoon time blocks that lasts up to 3 hours or offer a 1.5 hour workshop during either block.

Once a year we offer a "Pre-Gathering Workshop" lead by a guest facilitator.  This is an additional full-day workshop offered on the Thursday before the regular spring gathering. Click here for more info for this workshop offered only at spring-time gatherings.

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Examples of workshops offered at past gatherings:

• Sweat lodge
• Introduction to massage
• Hand drumming
• Relationships
• Sexuality
• Body image
• Gay/straight issues
• Deconstructing homophobia
• Betrayal and healing of the broken heart
• Mentoring
• Meditation
• Dance
​• Awakening Your Passion
​• Intro to Yoga and Tai Chi
• Singing​
• Getting in touch with feelings
• Trust walk
• Healing energy
• Stress
• Creative writing
• Talking to your father
• Mask making
• Men and pornography
• Celebrating and appreciating our mothers
• Giving care to a loved one
• Healing our Shame, Celebrating Our Bodies
• Transformational breathwork
• Hurting and healing
• Health issues
• Joys of Intimacy
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