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Weekend Information

Who can come to COMEGA?

All those who identify as men are welcome.  We are fathers, sons, grandfathers, lawyers, policemen, firemen, veterans, and carpenters, software engineers and therapists, graphic designers and professional entertainers, health-workers and administrators, teachers and students. We are employed, retired, unemployed, and seeking personal growth, healing, respite, or just to get away for a weekend from the pressures of life.

COMEGA is inclusive of all men, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion. 

Who is in charge of the event?

COMEGA is a participant-run gathering. The Organizing Committee (OC) has created a framework for the weekend, not the content. Each participant brings his piece, his truth into the framework to keep that content rich and fresh. We are all creating this weekend together. Whether we are offering a workshop, attending one, or just relaxing during the weekend, we are COMEGA.

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What will happen during the Weekend?

Through various workshops and activities, in small and large groups, COMEGA provides an open, trusting, non-competitive environment for men of all ages*, races and backgrounds to openly share and learn from each other. Men are encouraged to bring their sons. This is a wonderful opportunity for young men to watch other men at play and men sharing from their hearts.

*As of now, COMEGA is an 18 plus weekend, while we work to create new structures to support our youth.

​Friday evening

Starts with registration and a wholesome meal (if you prefer vegetarian food, please indicate this on the registration form). Following the evening meal will be a traditional opening circle, where we will begin the process of forming a sense of community. Following the opening circle there is an opportunity to participate in a ceremonial experience and evening workshops.


Activities include three meals, an opening circle after breakfast, morning and evening workshops, free time to explore the grounds, hike, or relax and small group sharing time. After the evening meal we gather in a community circle to reflect on the day's activities, followed by a talent show, drumming circle, and free time.


Begins with breakfast, an opening circle, more workshop sessions, and small group sharing time. After lunch there will be a community sharing circle followed by a ritual closing the weekend. Departure is slated for 3:00 PM.

Each participant will be responsible for his own cleanup at the end of the day and before the Sunday departure.

What to bring?

​• Pillow and sleeping bag or sheets and blanket
• Flashlight (indispensable at Camp Hazen)
• Ear plugs
• Warm clothing and rain gear (indispensable at Camp Hazen)
• Layers of clothing.
• Shaving kit, towel, meds, etc.
• Any musical instruments you play (sheet music)
• Drums (if you want to participate in drumming circles)
• Information about men's issues and resources you may want to share
• Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Sons-in-law, Friends


What NOT to bring?

• Alcohol
• Controlled substances
• Pets
• Weapons

Consider giving yourself a vacation from all electronics!

Circles of 8

On Friday night we create small group circles of approximately eight men with two experienced members acting as designated facilitators.  These small groups meet throughout the weekend to offer grounding; a time to process the topic workshops, activities, and needs, as well as providing direct support and connection to group members.  Below is a link to download the word document for Circle of 8 Norms, the COMEGA culture setting for our weekends.


• Alpine tower

• Basketball

• Volleyball

• Climbing tower

• Affinity groups

• Canoeing

• Sailing

• Swimming •
• Hiking

• Music — guitar, drumming, singing • Talent Show • or maybe just take an afternoon nap....

 (not all available at the all gatherings):

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