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The Gathering

 Fall 2022 COMEGA

September 16th - September 18th

Theme: Brotherhood

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines brotherhood as:


1 : the quality or state of being brothers

2 : fellowship, alliance

3 : an association (such as a labor union or monastic society) for a particular purpose

4 : the whole body of persons engaged in a business or profession


This COMEGA weekend we will explore all of this, and more.  


1: Are we not all brothers in the family of man, much closer as humans than we are different? Our minds can see the differences and emphasize them, but ultimately, while we must respect how different each of our backgrounds may be, to think we are more different than the same at our core is an illusion.  Because of the many separations of our culture, we must rebuild trust, to return to the closeness of brothers.  This is work we do at COMEGA. 


2: Is COMEGA not a fellowship?  An alliance of men who come together again and again to deepen that alliance.  We meet this fall in COMEGA’s 30th year!!!!! May we deepen our alliance further for many meetings to come!


3: COMEGA is an association, we are organized, and we have a purpose.  Our stated purpose is “to deepen men’s experience beyond limiting stereotypes toward greater authenticity by offering structured experiences of community that educate and foster growth of mind and heart.”  We meet as an association around this mission and it is ingrained deeper into our hearts with each gathering we attend.


4: And are we not colleagues in a profession? A whole body of men doing their best to do a great work- men's work.  Because men need to grow and evolve.  All over the world we men need this.  We are a seed, one of many, and we are beautiful in our intent.


Come to this gathering.  Join us in brotherhood.  Join us in exploring brotherhood.  We await you, and we love you.


In brotherhood,


The OC.