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Black Lives Matter

The COMEGA OC stands in solidarity with Black communities. We support those protesting for human rights and rallying against centuries of systematic oppression. We stand alongside all of our COMEGA brothers who are fighting to simply exist. We believe in re-building the systems that never favoured black communities and breaking
down institutionalized and systematic racism.
Why is this important for COMEGA? Why are we sending this to you? Our Mission & Vision demand we create and foster community, creating the necessary safety and support for every person that identifies as a man that joins us to bring forth their authentic self. Our purpose is to empower and support every man in the process of coming home to themselves. More than 20 years ago we saw a contentious divide between our straight and gay members. Straight and gay men got together and created a dialogue to process and hold each other’s experience and identities. Now, more than 20 years later the Men’s sexual heritage workshop (gay/straight dialogue ) is one of the most popular workshops throughout the gathering and the atmosphere of homophobia has all but evaporated. The difficult work was so successful that we have utterly shifted the culture in COMEGA. Today we find ourselves in a similar intersection. How do we know? We started asking some questions:

             ➢ Why was our “racism” themed gathering one of our poorest attended?

             ➢ Why do some men of color share they feel unsafe in our gathering?

             ➢ Why do we continue to be a predominantly white gathering?

             ➢ Are we retaining members of color?

With that said, if you're reading please know we all have a role to play.
" In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist,
we must be anti-racist " - Angela Y. Davis


There are many ways to become actively anti-racist and the most important step is to
get started. Here are some ways you can join us...

Get Educated Check out this continually evolving Anti-racism resource list, this anti-racist starter kit or this list compiled by members of our OC. Learn terms , the stories and history of protests and say their names . Understand why this Friday’s nationally recognized holiday of Juneteenth is so important.

Have the Hard Conversations: unpacking white privilege can feel hard, but “white feelings should never be held in higher regard than black lives” ( Rachel Cargle ). Be the one in your circles to call out for change, have those difficult conversations, organize commitment from your circle(s) no matter how small and be ready to call folks in when you hear something racist, whether it’s in your communities or at COMEGA.

As our vision states, it is our hope that each of us who learn are “... empowered to bring his newly found awareness, commitments, and passions back to his relationships and to his community.”


In Brotherhood,



This statement contains contributions from a statement put out by youth in Rhode Island, which can be found here

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