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Financial Aid

In an effort to support both the men of COMEGA and the organization as a functioning body the Organizing Committee has decided to revise our financial aid (formerly "scholarship") structure.  We as an OC have agreed upon a basic procedure.  Once a man requests financial aid by registering online with a deposit and indicating he would like financial aid, that request will go to a small subcommittee referred to as the bursary committee (generally made up of 2 men).  The bursary committee will evaluate the request and make a decision as to the award. This is a confidential process. With a goal of helping each man get to COMEGA as desired, regardless of financial situation, we recognize the difficulties that can come up around money.  The men of the bursary committee will also compassionately counsel with each financial aid recipient to more closely align with the values of COMEGA - to be self-responsible and authentic.  We desire to have this new structure support men more fully and we trust that this structure makes that possible!

Deadline to apply for Financial aid for Fall 2022 is Friday September 2nd. To be considered for financial aid you must register by this date. Filling out and submitting the financial aid request form below also registers you for the gathering.  There is no need to fill out a separate registration form.  We request a deposit of $50.00 at the time of application. You will be contacted by a member of the bursary committee to review your request. All deposits are re-fundable up to one week prior to the gathering.

​​If you are having any challenges with the financial aid request process please email


If you prefer to send in your deposit for financial aid by U.S. mail please send to the following address, postmarked no later than deadline to apply stated above:      COMEGA   P.O. Box 391   Chester, CT 06412

Financial Aid Form


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